What is DSR? #1

As you might be aware, Denmark has quite a lenient approach towards unions of all kinds, benefits of which are reaped by both citizens and immigrants. One of the opportunities attributed to this attitude is the possibility for students to organize themselves in labour-like unions, allowing for a greater impact of the students, their opinions, needs and views on education system they’re subject to. For VIA this function is fulfilled by De Studerendes Råd (VIA-DSR), the political body representing each and every student from any and all campuses, be it Horsens, Skanderborg or Herning. This is also where things become a little bit tricky. VIA-DSR is a forum outfit, comprising of 16 representatives from Campus DSRs ( 2 per each of the 8 campuses), acting as the main channel in communication between the students it represents and the administration – the legislative power behind VIA. That means their decisions, provided they are passed by VIA’s Coordination Committee, can become law for all students. Currently, VIA inhabits three types of Student Councils: VIA-DSR – the forum where students are represented by their campus DSRs, Campus DSR – an elected board representing interests of a campus and local DSRs – DSRs representing interests of individual educational lines.

When all dust settles and confusion is more or less cleared, the important part is that even though the executive power is held by officers of each respective student organization, legislative power over them all is bottom-up i.e. held by General Assemblies of VIA students (meaning if you have a student number, you’re more than welcome to attend). That is where you come in. As a VIA student, it is your vote that decides who we are represented by and by extension our status regarding teachers, the rector, administration itself and finally even the Danish Ministry of Research and Education. All of that is a lot to take in, but the good news is unless you choose to do so, you don’t have to concern yourself with the bulk of it. The decision that affects the student life around the campus most directly and will continue to do so till the next General Assembly is who you choose as board members for the DSR Campus Horsens.  They will moderate, represent students in local meeting related to education, work with different educational lines, divide the budget, and direct and restrict the work of the official committees: Student Sport (responsible for everything at the Sports’ Hall), Campus Café, Events (responsible for all organized events around VIA including the semester party), Student Bar “Valhalla” and various interest groups created by students. We would like to invite you for the 20th of April for the General Assembly, when the next election is going to happen.


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We hope to see you there!

Written by Jan Janusz Debowski – DSR Executive Board – Internal Communications