Campus Cafe


A nice cup of coffee always tastes better when you have it surrounded by good friends in a cozy place. Campus Café is created to provide that delightful atmosphere. And because we know that life is short, you’d better stay awake for it. So, come enjoy a hot cup of delight, play some board games, join us for our events!

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Instagram: @campus.cafe
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 14:30 – 19:00 & Fri 13:30-19:00
Phone nr: 30 71 27 42
Email: horsens.cafe@via.dk

Student Bar


The Student Bar in Horsens is the place where students and staff from VIA University College meet across all ages, programmes and nationalities. The lowest prices in town combined with activities free of charge make it an ever-popular meeting place to many people.

Our Bar is a non-profit organization: the bartenders and bar board are all volunteers and the surplus income is all invested in activities for the students and even better drink deals.

The bar is run by students from VIA UC, meaning that you will always meet a familiar face behind the bar ready for a chat or a game of BeerPong, Djenga, darts, etc.

We are located in Kamtjatka, on Ameliagade 12, next to the Common Room

Opening hours: Thursday 19:00 - 00:00 & Friday 20:00 - 02:00
Phone nr: 71 61 57 70
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VIA Events is an organization under DSR at VIA UC Horsens. We will bring you all the events that you as a student may take apart of and enjoy. Like and share our page to keep updated and get instant information about fun events around our campus.

E-mail: cmo.event@via.dk
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Interest Groups

Interest groups are hobby-based clubs established and fully maintained by students, in terms of meeting hours, acceptance to the club and its modus operandi. The Student Council can offer a limited financial support to these groups and assistance in different events.

The Holy Soup Makers

A group for people who enjoy listening and/or playing music. Religion not included


Evening RP

As a Tribute to Imagination, ...Roleplaying, ...and to that Dexter's Lab episode...


Debate Club

Improve your presentation skills, face your public speaking fears or just train your critical thinking.


Otaku Society

VIA Otaku Society is group of people sharing interests in Anime, Manga and Japanese culture.


Popcorn Party

Our mission is to unite cinema lovers. We believe that watching movies combine with real conversation might help people to become more open, perceptive, thoughtful and philosophical.