Music facilities regulations


  • The facilities can only be used by VIA students, with a previous agreement with the Student Council;
  • A student (or group of students) can book the facilities maximum 2 (two) times a week for a time interval no more than 2 (two) hours, and always only during the facilities opening hours;
  • There are jam sessions every Saturday from 18:30 to midnight. The facilities will not be available at that time, but all the facilities’ users are more than welcome to join the jam sessions;
  • Make sure you fill all the details correctly, so it will be possible to contact you if need;
  • When the booking is done you will receive a confirmation email.

2. CHECK-IN (when you get to the facilities)

  • No greasy hands on the equipment; bathrooms are right down the hallway;
  • Use the guidance manual or ask the HSM group when you are in doubts about using the equipment;
  • Make sure that the equipment is functional from the very beginning you enter the room;
  • In case you notice a broken item, take a picture and e-mail the picture plus a short description to cmo.dsr@via.dk.


  • Everything needs to be placed in the initial position when leaving the room (please match the pictures);
  • The equipment needs to be operated in a clean and orderly manner;
  • If the equipment stops functioning, contact immediately DSR or the HSM group;
  • All the equipment needs to be used inside the room. Taking out/borrowing the equipment is prohibited without the agreement of DSR and HSM;
  • No parties are permitted;
  • Protect your ears by using earplugs and the red headphones;
  • Make sure all cables are placed on the floor tidily to avoid tripping over.

4. CHECK-OUT (when you leave the facilities)

  • Close the window before leaving;
  • Give yourself at least five minutes to pack-up. This will ensure the next group can start their rehearsal at their allocated time;
  • When unplugging, turn amps to zero or off, unplug from the amp first (not your guitar socket) to avoid “pop” and damaging speakers;
  • Check that all the equipment is unplugged from the sockets;
  • The instruments and microphone cables need to be unplugged and orderly placed to their position (please match the pictures);
  • Put the equipment back to its place – use the matching pictures for that;
  • Make sure that the equipment is functional when you leave;
  • Maintain the order and keep the room nice and clean;
  • Lock the room (using your student card at the electronic device on the door – scan card and insert pin code).