League of Legends Tournament

VIA University College Campus Horsens’ Student Council’s Events team brings you the biggest eSports competition ever done on campus. Prepare for a wild night where strategy, skill and communication will determine the best. Or spectate and enjoy a drink from the cafe while watching the games progress, listening to live commentary from our crew. The event will be livestreamed on the official Student Council profile on Twitch.tv

To register for the event, you must register in the Riot community events page linked below

Time: TThe event will be held on the 18th of November from 12:00. Check-in with late registrations can be handled from 10:00 onwards, during this time we will be processing participants and their data. The first games will begin shortly after team registration at around 12:20 ~ 12:30.
All other timing specifics can be looked up on the community event portal page below.
Venue: The event will be held in the VIA canteen area, while the games will be played in the guest canteen on the side to separate the players from the noise of the audience.
Address: Chr M Østergaards Vej 4, 8700 Horsens

Registration is a two-parter. First follow the link below to register in the community event through Riot’s system. On the 18th before the event starts we’ll handle a player check-in where we will ask you a few more questions about your profile to calculate player point value.
There is a limited amount of slots for the tournament. The limit is 16 teams. This means a maximum of 80 regular players and a maximum of 16 spare players split throughout.
Community event page – https://events.eune.leagueoflegends.com/events/284555 (If the event is not approved please wait and try again the next day. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

Structure & Rules:
During “check-in” all players will be asked for two ranking positions. Where they finished the last season in which they played (eg. “Last season – Gold 4”), and where are they currently ranked. Based on these rankings they will be assigned a point value. The average rank between the two will be recorded (Current season ignored if the player is not placed in ladder. If the average is between two ranks the higher rank is used) and according to that averaged rank, they will receive 1 point per possible position gained in the League of Legends ladder system.

Bronze 5 / Unranked player = 1 point;
Bronze 4 = 2 points;
Silver 5 = 6 points;
Gold 1 = 15 points;

Special exceptions are players who have been Master and Challenger rank in the last 2 years, their value is a hard 28 and 30 respectfully due to the disparity in high levels of play.
After the tournament’s end the winning team will not receive prizing if the profile they used to register has higher value than what was announced to the tournament officials at this stage. We hope the spirit of sportsmanship will be maintained during all stages of the event.
When the “check-in stage is close to finishing, the organizer will use Random.org to generate team captains as randomly as possible from among all registered players. Team captains carry the responsibility to communicate for their team’s needs to the tournament officials, so as it is a position with responsibility the randomly selected person can turn down the choice and a new captain will be decided. This can only be done before the first game of the tournament is in order.
The organizer will announce a maximum point value per team based on the average of all players in the room and team captains must freely ask other participants to join them. Captains may only build teams with point worth lower or equal to the limit announced.
It is recommended for all teams to have a spare player but it is not required. The limit is one spare per team. The spare player can only replace players if the team point value does not exceed the defined limit. The spare player can be awarded prizing if he or she participated in at least one of the teams’ games.
The tournament will follow single match elimination rules. Opponent teams will be decided by use of Random.org once more.
One defeat and you’re out.
For all other rules – we will follow and comply to the official League of Legends tournament rule pdf.


We decided the tournament to be free of charge, and for the reason of playing on the preseason patches for season 8 we decided to not give out any rewards and play mostly for fun and getting to know the new patch and lots of new changes. However, this may change before and during the event and some rewards may be added later.

Lead Organizers: Alexandru Pintican, Peter Farkas

November 2016 League Tournament

November 2016 League Tournament