Representatives for VIA-DSR:

Sabin-Daniel Sirbu

Haralambi Tomovski

Not sure about your rights as a student? Have a complaint regarding classes or exam? Write an email to DSR Horsens @ cmo.dsr@VIA.DK and we will do our best to help you.


1. VIA DSR Representatives

VIA wishes to involve students to participate in councils and committees. By getting involved, the students help to develop their education and influence the students' everyday lives at VIA.

There are three formal types of bodies in which students are represented:
- Education-related Student Councils (Education DSRs) – formed by students from the same educational programme, across all semesters.
- The Campus DSR, which represents all the Education DSRs in a campus and its satellites.
- VIA-DSR Board, which consists of two representatives from each campus and its satellites and the chairman team – they present the students’ cases to the Executive Board of VIA and its Board of Directors. (click here for more info)

2. Campus Education Board

The Board is a forum, where each programme on campus has one student representative, to engage in dialog with other fellow representatives and members of the Campus Study Administration. During the Board’s meetings, both programme-specific and cross-campus issues can be brought up, as well as opportunities to improve the study environment and the development of facilities. You can represent your study program in the Education Board. Because selection procedures can vary from one programme to other, contact your study councilor for details on the matter.

Currently, Campus Education board is being restructured. DSR Horsens will be introducing election system for all education lines in Campus Horsens by the end of May. DSR Horens goal is to make a fully functioning student representation system which would assure the quality of education in our campus. Follow us for future updates.

3. External Organizations

DSF – DSR Horsens is part of the Danske Studerendes Fællesråd - The Union of Danish Students. DSF is a national organization for students in Denmark. It consists of over 16 member organizations, who represent about 165,000 students across the country. With this background and being in close contact with a host of partners daily, the organization helps students to get the best education and living conditions. DSF’s 16 member organizations consist of independent student councils and student organizations. (visit their website)

SFUC – Studenterforum UC is a newly started collaborative project between all the colleges in Denmark. Its goal is to protect the interest of college students, promote better conditions for a good education and voice the concern of college students to national-level institutions and other major players.