DSR Horsens Candidates


Meet the candidates for Student Council's Board A17. This section will be updated as soon as we will get more applications.

Candidates for President of DSR Horsens

Chris Aamand Jensen

Chris Aamand Jensen

My name is Chris Aamand Jensen. And my ambition is to form a united campus across all educations, nationalities and interests.

I’ve been studying in VIA since august 2016, but I’ve been connected to the school and community for a longer time than that. The reason is simple; VIA is a place for everyone. That’s how I see the campus and that is the reason I want improve on it, because having a representative from different cultures, interests and experiences are the ingredients for greatness.

Currently, I’m serving as temporary vice-chairman and elected Head of External communication within the DSR. This have provided me with a lot of inside knowledge of how the organisation works, but also how I see the future organisation developing.

As a leader, I see myself as strong-willed, kind and open-minded, which means I can be a good sparring partner for new ideas and implementation. I’m also not afraid to raise my concerns or opinions, which I expect to be mutual from my colleagues.Communication is my mantra and my motto is diversity makes us stronger.For my term as chairman of DSR Horsens, I will put emphasis on cross-communication between student representatives of all educations in order to improve student relations and study environment.

Secondly, I will work towards having a more independent reliance within the DSR organisations by working out routines and administration together.

I hope the students believe in the idea, so that we, together, can bring VIA Horsens even closer together.

Candidates for Business Faculty Representative

Maria Vindriis

Maria Vindriis

Hi, my name is Maria.

If I was elected as the business faculty representative, my first and foremost goal would be to organize the individual tasks of this position, and related positions, with the administration.  

This position is here for a reason. The education of every student on Horsens Campus is important and relevant to the DSR. The job of the DSR is to communicate with the administration on the behalf of the students. Their educational needs and worries should therefore be addressed on the same principle. This should be much more clear and transparent to the students and in the Campus organization.

Organizing this position would involve:

  • Ascertaining the tasks needed from this position by the administration and the students
  • Establishing communication between the educational committees, boards and leaders in relation to the business faculty.
  • Making a list of relevant people involved in educational decisions, so they may be visible to the students and accessible to them.
  • Gaining an understanding of the unfulfilled education-related needs of the business students, which should then be addressed to the relevant authorities by the educational DSR.

My second commitment after bringing order to the tasks of the position would be to work with the teachers and the administration in relation to feedback and communication in project rapport matters.

I feel that the level of feedback, which is given after a semester project or assignment, is too low to be of any significant use to the students. I get the impression that this is true for many students, as I have experienced this myself.

Candidates for Head of Social Committees

Ioana Duta Visescu

It is with great eagerness that I send in this application. As a student freshly arrived in Horsens, but possessing abnormal enthusiasm (and some social skills), I would love to be part of making the VIA student life as active and enjoyable as possible. Thus, I would like to apply for the position of the Head of the Social Committees.

I will start with my motivation – which can be summed up as – when I arrived in Horsens, I wanted to register as part of all 5 committees. I strongly believe in the importance of each of them, but as it is nearly impossible to partake in all of them, and actually bring a valuable contribution, I limited myself to joining the lovely Events team.

In my short time being a part of the Events team, and of DSR, I have, unfortunately, faced the issue of a limited communication between the committees. Not only do I find that a better collaboration between the different teams will popularize the entire DSR team and provide the students with a better understanding of their representatives, but it will significantly improve the quality of all events and activities we offer within VIA. I would take great pleasure in helping achieve this.

Which brings me to my next point, a brief introduction. I am currently a GBE student, in my 6th semester. Before arriving to Horsens, I attended VIA in the Aarhus campus, where I tried to keep my hyperactive nature busy with activities from mentoring and tutoring, to more academic ones, that I will not occupy your mind with, unless I am expressly asked to. Moreover, I was a part of the Aarhus studenterhus events - in charge of the Conversation Café events, as well as a volunteer in several Danish festivals and student parties.

In addition to my above mentioned enthusiasm and experience, I pride myself with my responsiveness and my nearly pathological love for details. By this, I mean I am the one that will always be eager to brainstorm and bring to life the most outrageous ideas, but also the one who ends up proofreading all the group projects before hand in. At least 6 times.

I hope the mentioned details make me a suitable candidate for the Head of the Social Committees, and I look forward to continuing working with you, hopefully from a position which will include a greater involvement on my side.


Adam Kounis

My name is Adamantios, but you can just call me Adam. I am a 2nd Semester Student from Greece and I am studying ICT Engineering. I loved the environment that surrounded me here in Horsens ever since I got here. Besides paying attention to my studies I wanted to maintain an even better contact with my classmates and the people living close to me. After the first semester was over I wanted to set new Challenges to myself so I took advantage of the knowledge I had in basketball and became the Basketball coach in VIA Sport, I really liked the environment there from the first day and I was inspired by the level of enthusiasm that all the trainers / Coaches shared. I thought to myself, why should I be only a trainer when I can contribute even more by being the Head of Social and this way not just get in touch with the Student Bar, the Campus Café, the Events Committee and the student Sport, of which I was already part of, but also try and solve any problems or concerns they may all have. I truly believe I can put myself in a position where I would maintain a healthy relationship with all the students who really give whatever it takes to make the experience at Via University College an even better one for the rest of the students. I appreciate their efforts and I want to become part of their team. I hope you will take me into consideration to being the Head of Social.