Student Sport is a sports club at VIA , which aims to provide affordable sport activities to students. What about shake your body right after classes? Check our calendar for more details. Get your semester membership and start enjoying all the sports we have.

A nice cup of coffee always tastes better when you have it surrounded by good friends in a cozy place. And because we know that life is short, you’d better stay awake for it. Friendly baristas, fresh drinks, interesting board games and attractive prices are waiting for you every day!

STUDENT BAR, a place to be on Friday nights. Gather some friends and join us in a cozy and friendly environment. Good music, drinks with good prices and lots of fun.

Love music? Would like to play with some friends? You don´t have your own gear? So this is the right place for you. Book our music room where you can play together with your friends.

Would like to share how amazing your country is? Would like to know more about other countries? Here you have the chance to do all of this. Once a week, a student (or a group of) will present their countries. Stay tuned for more info!