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Our efforts to improve your student experience, both on campus, and not only.
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DSR Horsens represents the academic interests of the students on campus in the dialog with the campus administration and national-level organizations.

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The Social Committees focus on providing a range of social environments and experiences to the students, ranging from the “Valhalla” Student Bar and the Campus Café to trips and movie nights.

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Regardless what you play – music or sports – we try to help you enjoy your hobbies, by providing a wide range activities in the sports hall, as well as an equipped music room.

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Useful Links

Some links to Facebook groups for accommodation and second-hand resales; information on student discounts, as well as volunteering opportunities, sport clubs in the city and other useful tips.

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Rise to the challenge

The Students' Council (DSR) is a student political organization that aims to represent and defend the interests of the students in professional, student political and social aspects.

We aim to be the "bridge" between the students and the Educational and Administrative staff, with the sole purpose of creating a better VIA for all of us. The organization is exclusively managed be students, which suggests that we can relate better and on a closer level to our fellow students. Consequently, we are able to eradicate the distance between institution and students, and thus bring us all closer together.

Through DSR and other boards, the students have direct influence on their education and the development of the campus. If you as a student have suggestions, ideas you can go to your representative or contact a DSR member, which will bring it on the agenda of the next DSR meeting.

  • Everybody is welcome.

  • Movement is life.

  • We care.

  • Why so serious?


Erik Hougaard

Head of the Social Committees

Olivia Heszberger

Head of Communications

Mila Brogaard

Chairman of the Campus Cafe Committee

Elisa Ucaj

Vice Chairman of the Campus Cafe Committee

Nicky Egeberg

Chairman of Student Sport Committee

Konrad Piotrowski

Vice Chairman of the Student Sport Committee

Nguyen David

Chairman of the “Valhalla” Student Bar Committee

Dumitru Bugus

Vice Chairman of the “Valhalla” Student Bar Committee

If you would like to join the crew - don't hesitate to send us a message!

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